PQW – Mobile Container Plate

The PQW mobile container plate is best suited for loading and unloading vehicles whose beds have the same height as the loading ramp or are slightly higher than the loading ramp. Using the maneuvering rod, this dock plate can easily be moved to the loading or unloading position by just one person.The PQW dock plate consists of a welded steel structure and shifting of the dock plate is prevented thanks to two movable safety arms. The maximum load capacity of the PQW is 20 kN.





Nominal lenghts (NL)1435, 2000, 2450, 2900 mm
Nominal width (NW)1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2300, 2400 mm
Overall length (OL)1935, 2500, 2950, 3400 mm
Max. top position (A)240, 300, 360, 410 mm



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