PQM – Dock Plate

The PQM dock plate has been designed for loading and unloading shipping containers. It compensates the difference in height between yard level and the container bed. It is made of durable welded steel provided with an anti-slip tear plate. This dock plate is provided with lifting points to enable quick and easy transport.For loading and unloading, the dock plate is placed directly next to the rear edge of the container and the lip is swung out and positioned on the container bed. The plate is then secured to avoid slipping away with safety chains.



Nominal lenghts (NL) 1450, 1950, 2450, 2950, 3450 mm
Nominal width (NW)1250 mm
Overall length (OL)1900, 2400, 2900, 3400, 3900 mm
Maximum dock distance from the truck650, 900, 1150, 1400, 1650 mm
Maximum Load Capacity2T (20kN)



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