PPF/PPFA – Stationary Drawbridge Leveller

The PPF stationary drawbridge leveller is a mechanically-operated leveller suitable for internal or external loading docks with small to medium height differences to be compensated. Thanks to the large pressure springs which support the weight of the leveller, this product can safely be operated by one person. When the leveller is not in use, it is safely stored in a vertical position thanks to an automatic safety device.




Nominal lenghts (NL)1250, 1500, 1750, 2000 mm
Nominal width (NW)1500, 1750, 2000 mm
Top reach (A)175, 225, 265, 310 mm
Bottom reach (B)245, 295, 340, 390 mm
Rated load-carrying capacity6 ton (60 kN)


Allowable gradient angle According to the EN 1398 standard, operating the dock leveller beyond the allowable gradient angle ± 12.5% (approximately ±7°) is not acceptable. The specified value can be exceeded only if the user prevents slip hazard (e.g. by maintaining clean and dry surfaces).


PP_product data sheet