PMV – Mechanical Dock Shelter

The PMV Mechanical Dock Shelter is an economical solution to seal the gaps which inevitably occur between the docking vehicle and the warehouse opening. The front and the rear frames of the PMV are made up of high-stability extruded aluminum sections which are connected to each other by bracing arms. The curtain is 3 mm thick, made of a highly durable, double-layer of PVC-coated material and is mounted on a flexible frame. Thanks to the adaptable roof and the parallel guide systems the front structure moves backwards in the event of inaccurate docking, helping prevent damage to the dock shelter.The side curtains of the dock shelter come with warning stripes to help with the docking process. An integrated rain channel allows lateral drainage of rainwater (optional). The standard version of the dock shelter is provided with a slit in the left and right-hand corners with partially or completely slit top curtains available as an optional extra.The PMV dock shelter is pre-assembled and consists of just three parts. This allows it to be mounted to the façade very quickly and easily. Considerable savings in time and money are the decisive advantages of the PMV.



Structure depth (ND)600,900 mm
Nominal widths (NW)3250, 3300, 3400, 3450 mm (optionally to 3600 mm)
Nominal heights (NH)3200, 3400, 3500, 3600 mm (optionally to 4700 mm)
Top curtain nominal height (A)1000, 1200, (optionally to 1500 mm)
Side curtain nominal width (B)600 mm (up to NW 3400), 700 mm (from NW 3450)
Installation height (MH)4500 mm (recommended)



PMV_product data sheet