PMS – Mechanical Dock Shelter with Side Cushions

The PMS consists of a height-adaptable top section and two side cushions. If a vehicle does not dock in perfectly, these foam sidecushions are compressed and then move to the sides, minimizing damage to the dock shelter even if the truck does not reverse squarely. Thanks to the special design of the height-adaptable top section, damage is avoided even for very high trucks like jumbo trucks or demountable containers. If the vehicle height rises during unloading, the roof automatically follows this upward movement and returns to its original position after the vehicle has left the docking station.




Nominal widths (NW)23250, 3300, 3400, 3450 mm (optionally to 3600 mm)
Nominal heights (NH)3200, 3400, 3500, 3600 mm (optionally to 4500 mm)
Top curtain nominal height (A)1000 mm
Side curtain nominal width (B)600 mm (up to NW 3400), 700 mm (from NW 3450)
Installation height (MH)4500 mm (recomended)



technical card