PL – Loading House

The loading house is a housing system that combined with the loading ramp forms a stand-alone docking system that can be attached to the building. It comprises all the components of a complete docking system: dock leveller, dock shelter and sectional door:These elements represent a complete and sophisticated docking system that depending on the individual loading situation offers decisive advantages over conventional internal ramps. They extend the available storage space and at the same time provide the building with thermal insulation. Hot-dip galvanization of the whole steel frame system is standard. Water drainage systems and façade elements matched to your building are also available as optional equipment.




Nominal lenght of the loading house (NV)2000, 2450, 3000, 3500 mm
Dock height (DH)950-1500 mm
Dock shelter height (structure including instalation) (THI)3975, 3840, 3640, 4000, 3865, 3665, 4025, 3890, 3690, 4050, 3915, 3715
Dock shelter height (structure excluding instalation) (THU)3930, 3795, 3595, 3955, 3820, 3620, 3980, 3845, 3645, 4005, 3870, 3670 mm
Loading shelter width (MW)3300, 3500, 3600 mm


Standard angles of shelter mounting: 90°, 45°/135°, 75°/105° and 60°/120°. Other angles available on request.

Wall types:U – box metal sheet, I – sandwich panels, X – steel structure for installation.


PL_product data sheet