PECO – Mechanical Mini Dock Leveller

The PECO mechnaical dock leveller is an economical solution for loading and unloading vehicles with minimal height differences between the truck bed and the dock. This makes it the perfect solution for situations where the delivery vehicle is the same for the entire fleet.


Nominal lenght (NL)485 mm
Nominal width (NW)1750, 2000, 2100, 2250 mm
Rated load capacity4,6 ton (40, 60 kN)
Operating ranges above the level (A)0 – 600 mm
Operating ranges below the level (B)0 – 110 mm


Steel lip
Sectional steel lip
Aluminium sectional lip
Hot-Dip galvanizing

Frame types:
frame for external installation (R)
frame for pit installation (P)


technical card