6 platforms with 1000 mm ramp, insulated platform and special brush seals were installed in the DHL branch in Przecław.

One of the levelers is a PT type dock intended for servicing car type trucks. The other ones are also adapted to delivery vehicles and buses. At the reloading stands, rubber buffers have been mounted with an additional 100 mm outrigger, in order extend the distance between the vehicle and the  façade, to prevent damage.

Two of the six shelters were produced in special, non-standard dimensions.

In addition to dock gates, we  provided w external and internal gates and 25 ISO 60 courier gates, which, thanks to the thicker material, reduce the heat transfer coefficient. Along with courier gates, following  devices were used: rubbers fixed on consoles, PMV foam curtains, PMK-D canopies, halogen lamps and marking cassettes.